My Executive: Donna Jackson



There are so many fundraising companies. Why Gold Canyon?

At Gold Canyon, we believe in giving back. By choosing Gold Canyon candles for your Fundraiser, you’re selecting a simple yet highly profitable Fundraiser for your organization. It's an exciting product and an easy program that gives your supporters A Happy Fragrance Experience™ while giving you a happy selling experience! Plus, with our updated E-Fundraising platform, organizations can raise money more conveniently than ever. Simply share your organization’s custom URL link via email or text and you can raise funds from anywhere in the country!


How much will our organization earn?

The amount your organization raises is entirely up to you. Our program is set up for you to see a generous gross profit of 40% from the price of each candle you sell!

How long should our fundraiser last?

The length of the Fundraiser is up to you. The average selling period for a successful Fundraiser is 2-3 weeks. Gold Canyon recommends staying within this timeframe to be most effective.

Will our supporters like the fragrances you are providing us?

Absolutely! We have chosen our customers' favorites and our overall best-selling fragrances for your supporters. With a wide array of succulent fruits, blooming florals and warm spices to choose from, the selection of aromas will appeal to every supporter of your organization!

Are your product selections simple for our sellers?

Absolutely! Your sellers will offer one simple candle size that’s available in 15 amazing fragrances each with their own unique design.

What is the schedule if our organization has another Fundraiser?

There are two Fundraiser seasons per year to support your organization, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Fall/Winter, is available from July 1 through December 31 and the Spring/Summer season is available from January 1 through June 30.

How does an organization get started?

Simply create an account, submit a Fundraiser application and we’ll get you up and running in no time. You can track progress of your individual sellers as long as they create an account and join your Fundraiser. Don’t want to have individual seller accounts? That’s fine, we’re totally flexible. You can instead give out your organizer’s customer URL link and have everyone use that. This is a simple way to utilize the online selling feature without tracking how your individual sellers perform.

Do I pay tax and shipping on online orders?

Tax is charged on web orders based on the tax laws for the state that the order is shipped to and are not covered by the Exemption Certificate provided by the Organization.

Shipping is $7.99 USD or 10% of the order subtotal on orders over $80 USD on all individually shipped orders. Shipping is free for any individual or organization order over $400 USD. Direct shipment sales do not count towards individual or organization bulk orders.

Only closeout orders by approved tax exempt organizations will be tax free. Closeout orders are the final bulk order placed by an organizer that is the final order of the Fundraiser.

For example: If your aunt purchases a candle to be shipped directly to her house, she would pay the $7.99 USD shipping plus tax. Your organization receives $8.00 USD profit on the sale of that candle. For the approved tax exempt organization to receive free shipping on their bulk order, they must still place $400 USD in non-direct ship sales.


Do we have to place a bulk order with our organization or can we just sell through our custom link and have it direct shipped to each buyer?

Our E-Fundraising platform is flexible which means you can run your Fundraiser how you choose! If you’d like to only sell directly through your custom URL link and have candles ship directly to your supporters, you can do so. If you choose to hit the pavement and do a Fundraiser the traditional way by collecting cash and having your organizer submit a bulk order, you can do that as well. Keep in mind, if they place a bulk order, shipping is free on orders over $400 USD!

Do your fundraiser both ways to optimize your organization’s profits!


Is there a minimum sale requirement to enter in a Fundraiser?

For E-Fundraisers, there is no minimum sale requirement. Simply sell amongst your friends, family, coworkers & more in person or online through your custom URL link and closeout at any time.

Keep in mind, to receive free shipping on your bulk order, it must be $400 USD or more.


How and when do organizations get paid?

Organizations receive their payment following the closeout order of their Fundraiser. The closeout order signifies that the Fundraiser is officially over and no more sales will be made. Please allow 5-9 business days for payments to be processed.

Organizations can choose to be paid by ACH or Check by updating the details of their fundraiser under “My Fundraisers” in the My Account portion of the website.