My Executive: Donna Jackson


Host FAQ

Do I receive any pre-Party instructions?

You will receive all the tools you need in your Party Packet which includes catalogs, customer order forms, and flyers for special offers.

Will my Executive walk me through all the steps needed to plan a Party?

Your Executive will coach you through all the steps necessary to make your Party a success. You can expect a call from them shortly after you schedule your Party date and time.

Who provides the invitations?

Your Executive will provide you with all the Party invitations you need. If you are on Facebook, we encourage you to create a Facebook event as well.

How many guests can I invite?

We encourage you to invite as many neighbors, co-workers, friends and family as you wish. Don’t forget friends and family from out of town! With Online Parties, you can take orders and earn Host Rewards online.  

Do I need to have a theme for my Party?

The style of Party you wish to have is entirely up to you; it can be as elaborate or as simple as you are comfortable with.

Does the Party always have to be in my home?

You can host your Party in any location you choose. If you don’t have the time or space to physically host a Party, you can still get all of the amazing Host Rewards by hosting a Party online.

Should refreshments be served and can I serve alcohol as well as non-alcoholic beverages?

The choice of refreshments is entirely up to you. It is always a good idea to use your good judgment on what to serve. If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages, always have designated drivers available.

Should I encourage or discourage guests to bring their children?

The choice to include children is up to the Party Planner and the style of Party you are hosting.

Do I get to choose my Host Rewards?

Absolutely! We encourage you to enjoy the process of looking through our catalog and making your wish list!

How many products can I earn?

The number of products you earn is based on the total dollar amount of Gold Canyon products sold at your Party, from pre-orders taken before or after your Party and from Online Party orders. You may reference the latest Host Rewards Chart here information, in the Annual Catalog or through your Gold Canyon Executive.

How soon will I receive my Host Reward products?

All orders ship from our Chandler, Arizona warehouse approximately one to five business days from receipt of your order in our system. Gold Canyon will attempt to process most orders within one to two business days, but during extreme peak times it may be necessary to extend the processing time. Gold Canyon will do its best to minimize this time. A tracking number is available, however your Executive will keep you informed of when your order will arrive.

Can I book another Party right away?

Yes! You are welcome to book as many Parties with your Executive as you want. Remember, Gold Canyon always has an incredible variety of brand new products for you and your family and friends to enjoy, so book away!